iOS 12 concept photos showcase how Apple could easily improve the iPhone user experience

iOS 12 Features

Apple over the past few years has been iterating at breakneck speed. Every single year, without fail, we’ve seen a brand new iPhone accompanied by a brand new version of iOS, complete with a wide array of new and exciting features. 2018, though, will be a little bit different. While a slate of new iPhones are on the horizon, iOS 12 will likely be a less ambitious release than initially planned. According to reports, a handful of widely publicized iOS and macOS bugs convinced Apple to scale back a few of its more ambitious iOS plans as to ensure that upcoming features are fully baked upon release.

Interestingly enough, Apple’s early roadmap for iOS 12 was said to include a brand new home screen, a revamp that has since been pushed back to iOS 13.

So while we’ll likely have to wait until 2019 before we see a drastic overhaul to the iOS user experience, new iOS 12 concept photos hosted on Behance provide us with a glimpse into what a re-imagined iteration of iOS might look like. While iOS concepts are a dime a dozen these days, many of the concepts below are intriguing to say the least.

For instance, a brand new sound bar would allow users to increase or decrease the volume without the UI overtaking the screen.

Some other notable ideas include a Guest Mode and the ability to set multiple timers from within the Clock app.

A few other interesting design ideas include a completely revamped Camera app and a brand new lock screen.

The full list of concept photos and renders is can be viewed in its entirety over here.

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